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I know I've been neglectful of lj in the last year, and indeed of my photography in general, but I've the time to put that right now. I've still been doing photo sessions every so often but not finding the time to to process and edit. I intend to catch up on this in the next couple of weeks.

This summer we holidayed in Germany, Belgium and Holland. This is the first of hopefully many from that trip, taken on the fly outside an antiques shop.

I'd like to thank everyone that is still around on lj. at one point I had over 200 followers here and it really encouraged me to improve my photography and share it with the world. Despite not posting I still catch up on my lj friends page most days and I intend to continue sharing photos here but there are many other online services for photo-love these day so if you're also a user please check me out on:

My Flickr
My Twitter
My Tumblr

Hit me up, and I'm'a hit you back!
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